Sunday, September 27, 2009

True Believer -- by Nicholas Sparks

I typically do not read Nicholas Sparks' books.  He is a talented story teller, but the tragedies inherent in his novels are not the genre that I typically like to read.  I'm not sure why I picked this one up, but with a much lighter beginning, telling of Jeremy Marsh, a scientific journalist, uncovering the fraud and deception of a psychic "mind reader" and getting a big career break by reporting it on a prime-time TV news magazine show, I decided to stick with it.  For his next story, Jeremy travels to a small North Carolina town to investigate unexplained lights observed by many at a nearby cemetery.   Although the reader follows Jeremy through his research of the intriguing legend associated with the "haunted" cemetery and his work to solve the mystery behind the ghostly lights, this is really a book about impossible love.  Jeremy, the New Yorker, and Lexie, the small town girl needing to look after her grandmother, fall in love, but it seems they will not be able to follow that love and be together.  Each have been deeply hurt in the past.

This is indeed a romance story and not one I would typically select.  It kept me interested and reading, however, and, in the end, I found it quite enjoyable.

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