Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cross Fire - by James Patterson

This installment, the sixteenth book in Patterson's Alex Cross series, features the return of Kyle Craig.  For those who don't know the story, Kyle is an ex-FBI agent, who a long time ago was Detective Cross's good friend and colleague whose other identity was "The Mastermind," a brilliant serial killer.  Alex was the one who brought him to justice and incarceration at a supermax prison in Colorado.  Kyle has escaped, however, and is in Washington, D.C., to exact his revenge.

Alex and his girlfriend, fellow crime-fighter Bree, are ready to get married, but a string of assassinations of crooked politicians puts their plans on hold.  Alex figures out that there is a lot of inside knowledge behind the killings and pursues the truth about and behind them.  FBI Agent Max Siegel joins the case and complicates the situation.

If you're a true Patterson and Alex Cross fan, I'm sure you've already read this book.  If you're not, but enjoy a well-paced criminal thriller, I encourage you to give this book and/or this series a look.

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