Thursday, February 16, 2012

Worth Dying For - by Lee Child

This is the 15th novel in the Jack Reacher series.  In this installment, our favorite ex-MP drifter is just passing through an out-of-the-way rural Nebraska community on his way to Virginia.  He gets involved in a domestic violence situation and confronts a family that seems to have all of the locals intimidated.  Just as many before them, they can't let it go.  Although the word should be out by now that you don't mess with Reacher, they try to put this stranger in his place -- a costly misstep.  By taking him on, their secrets, both current and past, and the intimidating grip that they have on their neighbors are no longer safe.

I like Reacher novels.  He can't steer clear of trouble, but he rarely finds himself in a situation that he doesn't know how to handle.  He is a large and powerful man with invaluable military training and experience.  He is part McGyver, carrying nothing with him but the shirt on his back and his portable toothbrush, but always knowing how to use the limited resources available to him to achieve the desired outcome.  He sees things as right or wrong and has no regrets for anything he does for the right reason.  His police training makes him highly observant. He is very intelligent and shares most of his reasoning in detail with the reader.  In spite of this, however, he never comes off as perfect.  His lack of lasting attachment to anything, anyone, or any place makes him very interesting.

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